Catherine plans and delivers award-winning communications initiatives, creating and amplifying messages that inspire action. She has led high-functioning multi-disciplinary teams of 30+ and managed budgets in excess of $5 million. Her clients and colleagues describe her as a motivating leader who provides inspired oversight to strategy and execution.

Photo: Guntar Kravis
Photo: Guntar Kravis

Catherine Annau is captivated by narrative production, engaging audiences and driving strategic outcomes. She has worked for large and small organizations, led productions in excess of $5 million, garnered more than a dozen prestigious awards and nominations, and been published by Penguin Canada, The Globe and Mail, and numerous academic journals.


Catherine’s communications work draws on both her global experience and her leadership roles in the cultural sector. She has developed strategies, tactics, and campaigns to ensure that communications objectives reached target audiences through newsletters, social, and earned media.


As a documentary director and freelance TV and radio producer across a wide range of programs and genres, Catherine has led productions around the world and earned more than a dozen prestigious awards and nominations.


With a current focus on creative and business writing, Catherine has conceived of and delivered content for multimedia projects, websites, television and radio, press releases, business plans, and promotional collateral.


Catherine is currently producing a radio documentary for CBC Radio’s flagship show Ideas, has worked on various shows in the past, and has consulted on independent podcast.

Personal Blog

Whether it’s stories from her travels as a documentarian or the fascinating journeys of talented artists, Catherine’s personal blog is a collection of ideas and experiences that have been shaped over her career.